Parking - Traffic Safety - Street Maintenance Advisory Commission


Supports the Public Works Department.

Background and Purpose

The Parking - Traffic Safety - Street Maintenance Advisory Commission was created by Ordinance of the La Grande City Council in 1998 to address parking and traffic safety concerns and formulate recommendations to the City Manager, Staff and City Council.

The Commission's duties are to recommend traffic safety priorities to the City Manager and City Council; develop and recommend coordinated safety programs; review information and data regarding traffic safety issues; receive complaints from City residents about traffic and safety conditions; promote City and State Traffic Safety Programs to the public; and promote public awareness and support of traffic laws and safety.

City Affiliate: Public Works Department
Membership Term: Three years
Governing: City Ordinance No. 3229, Series 2015 and Resolution No. 4752, Series 2017

Commission Members

Name Title
Bruce Kevan Term Exp. (12/31/2025)
Rodney Sands Term Exp. (12/31/2026)
Dan Hagert Term Exp. (12/31/2024)
Vivian Young Term Exp. (12/31/2024)
Taylor Scroggins Term Exp. (12/31/2025)
Brandon Smith Term Exp. (12/31/2024)
Mike Remily Term Exp. (12/31/2026)