Urban Renewal Advisory Commission


Makes recommendations to the Urban Renewal Agency.

Background and Purpose

The Urban Renewal Advisory Commission considers, prioritizes, and recommends policies to the Urban Renewal Agency dedicated to the revitalization of the Urban Renewal District. It also recommends to the Urban Renewal Agency that the Agency invest in public improvements and public/private development partnerships that will benefit and enhance the Urban Renewal District and facilitate the development of commercial and industrial parts of the District to create jobs and income which will provide economic support to the District.

City Affiliate: Community and Economic Development Department
Membership Term: Three years
Governing: City Ordinance No. 3229, Series 2015 and Resolution No. 4789, Series 2020

Commission Members

Name Title
Matt Scarfo Term Exp. (12/31/2022)
Alana Carollo Term Exp. (12/31/2023)
Roxie Ogilvie Term Exp. (12/31/2022)
Vacancy Four
Vacancy Five