Budget Committee


Supports the Finance Department and the City Manager Office.

Background and Purpose

The Budget Committee is comprised of the City Council and seven members of the public. This Committee meets once a year to conduct a Public Hearing at which the Committee receives and reviews the City's budget for the coming Fiscal Year. The Committee forwards the proposed budget with their comments and recommendation(s) to the City Council for adoption.

City Affiliate: Finance DepartmentCity Manager
Membership Term: Three years
Governing: Oregon Revised Statute No. 294, 336; City Ordinance No. 3229, Series 2015 and Resolution No. 4752, Series 2017

Committee Members

Name Title
Greg Ammer Term Exp. (12/31/2021)
Mat Barber Term Exp. (12/31/2021)
Edward Henninger Term Exp. (12/31/2022)
Ashley O'Toole Term Exp. (12/31/2021)
Scott McConnell Term Exp. (12/31/2022)
Corrine Dutto Term Exp. (12/31/2023)
Max Koltuv Term Exp. (12/31/2023)