Developing In La Grande

Welcome!  The Planning Division is here to help you navigate the land use review and permitting process regardless of the size or type of project you have planned.

Getting Started

Before you begin, get familiar with your property and any private requirements that may need to be considered in advance.  This may include easement or restrictive covenants (CC&Rs) managed by a Homeowners Association.  This information is often recorded in the property deeds records of Union County, which is on file with Union County Clerk.

Pre-Application Meeting

In advance of submitting an application, we advise that you reach out to our office to discuss your project and to arrange for a pre-application meeting. 

We look forward to working with you to determine if any permitting is required, what application to submit, and we can also arrange for a preliminary development review of your project (at no cost) by Planning, Building, Fire, Public Works and local utility agencies.