City Recorder

The City Recorder provides administrative and technical support to the City Council, ensuring the accurate and timely development and production of City Council Meeting Agendas and/or materials necessary for the Council to conduct its business with a broad range of staff, citizens, advisory commissions, and agency representatives.

In addition, the City Recorder works closely with the City Manager, Assistant to the City Manager, and Department Directors and Managers, assisting  with project research; records management; procedural support for the preparation of Staff Reports; Ordinance, Resolution, and Policy development; and public notification processes.  

Public services provided by the City Recorder include processing Requests for Public Records, such as the City Charter; coordinating volunteer service on City Boards and Commissions and providing procedural support to the meeting process for all City Commissions; and scheduling public meetings in accordance with the Oregon Public Meetings Laws (ORS 192.610 - 192.710).

The City Recorder also serves as the City's Elections Officer.

The Public Records Request Form is a Fill and Print document. You must print and sign the document and return it either by USPS, scan and email or hand deliver. Please enter the time you submitted the request as A.M. or P.M.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Sandra Patterson City Recorder