Vehicle Releases

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Vehicles that have been impounded by the La Grande Police Department or the City of La Grande Code Enforcement officer require a vehicle release which is obtained from the police department.  A vehicle release can be obtained from the police department 24 hours/day - 7 days/week.  Once release is granted from the police department the vehicle owner will have to contact the tow company contracted to tow the vehicle... hours and availability to obtain releases from tow companys will need to be confirmed by the tow company. 

The following is required to obtain a vehicle release at the police department:

  • Vehicle owner is present with valid identification;
  • Proof of ownership on the vehicle impounded;
  • A valid driver with valid identification, if different from the vehicle owner.  (Driving status will be verified); 
  • Valid insurance.  Proof of coverage must list the vehicle impounded with valid effective and expiration dates; and
  • Pay $100 Impound Fee at the police department.

After the above steps are completed, release paperwork from the police department will be provided to the vehicle owner.  The tow company will require the following, before they can release the vehicle to the owner: 

  • Release paperwork from the police department; and
  • Payment of the tow bill and any storage fees owed to the tow company.