Property and Evidence

Evidence Bag

The Property/Evidence Section provides for the storage and disposition of all the property and evidence maintained by the La Grande Police Department.  After evidence is collected at a crime scene, taken for safekeeping and/ or found, it is logged into the Property/Evidence Room at the La Grande Police Department. 

Evidence is held until authorization to release it is received from the investigating officer, the City Attorney or the District Attorney's office.  Once the authorization to release property is received, the owner of the evidence/property will be contacted by a Property/Evidence Technician.

Property in the possession of the police department is categorized, which determines exactly how the property is handled.  Click the links below to find the information you're looking for.  You always welcome to contact one of our Property and Evidence Technicians at the police department for additional information.


Property / Evidence Technicians

Carla GreenoughProperty / Evidence Manager541-963-1017[email protected]
Dyan SnookProperty / Evidence Technician541-963-1017[email protected]
Cassie CribbsProperty / Evidence Technician541-963-1017[email protected]