Staff Contact

La Grande Police Department staff members may be contacted by email or by calling the police department phone number at 541-963-1017.  

Gary BellChief of Police[email protected]
Carla GreenoughAdministrative Assistant[email protected]
Jason HaysLieutenant[email protected]
Ronda GriffinCommunications Manager[email protected]
Lisa ReddingtonRecords Specialist[email protected]
Dusty PerrySergeant[email protected]
Shaun GridleySergeant[email protected]
Mike HarrisDetective Sergeant[email protected]
Jared RogersSergeant[email protected]
Ryan MillerSergeant[email protected]
Scott NortonPolice Officer[email protected]
Mike EckhartSenior Police Officer[email protected]
Jamey CarmanPolice Officer[email protected]
Cody KirbyPolice Officer

[email protected]

Kaleb ColePolice Officer[email protected]
Colton WrightPolice Officer

[email protected]

** VACANT **Police Officer  
** VACANT **Police Officer 
Ryan HerbelPolice Officer[email protected]
Brandon BoucherSenior Police Officer[email protected]
Derek LizottePolice Officer[email protected]
Ryan BernardsSenior Police Officer[email protected]
Erin DickhausenCode Enforcement Officer[email protected]
Dyan SnookCommunications Specialist[email protected]
Rose CliffordCommunications Specialist[email protected]
Cassie CribbsCommunications Specialist[email protected]
Katelyn MelvilleCommunications Technician I[email protected]
Kaylie GravesCommunications Technician I[email protected]
Carrie WeissertCommunications Technician I[email protected]
Sydney KlebaumCommunications Technician I[email protected]
Kate SandersCommunications Technician I[email protected]
Cherise KaecheleCommunications Technician I[email protected]
Toni GroveCommunications Technician II[email protected]
** VACANT **Clerk / Receptionist