Do I need a permit to operate a business in the City?

Yes. All businesses need a Business Permit prior to locating and opening for business in La Grande. Please contact the Planning Division in advance of committing to a site location to determine permit requirements. The City of La Grande currently does not have a business license program, but all businesses are required to obtain one or more of the following:

  1. Business Permit (No fee required): This permit is for new or existing businesses that are seeking to locate (or relocate) in a business space that was previously used in a similar manner; such as an office business moving into a space that was previously occupied by another business use. This permit is also applicable to home businesses that are "exempt" from the Home Occupation Permit.
  2. Home Occupation Permit (fee required): This permit is for small businesses that are conducted from the business owner's residence. Home businesses that do not include any employees, other than the business owner, and do not have customers visiting the home may be exempt from this permit. In such cases, a "Business Permit" would be required.
  3. Site Plan Approval (fee required): For businesses that are seeking to locate on a vacant site or to redevelop a site to accommodate their business, a Site Plan Application must be submitted and approved prior to beginning any site work or conducting any business activity from that site. A site plan approval is also required when the proposed or new use is different (or changed) from the prior use of the site; such as office to retail.
  4. Conditional Use Permit (fee required): This permit is required to allow a specific business type in areas where that business type may not be compatible with the long range strategic plan for the area or may have undesirable impacts on surrounding uses.