Other Codes & Resolutions


Ordinance 2978 Series 2001 - Annexation - This Ordinance outlines the process for annexing a property into the City limits of La Grande.  It also includes the Application submittal requirements and the review criteria used by the City Council when consider annexation requests.

Pedestrian-Bicycle Transportation System Plan

Downtown Historic District Standards - This is an 18-page document outlining that standards and guidelines for historic preservation and rehabilitation within the Downtown Historic District. 

Ordinance 3208, Series 2013 - Comprehensive Plan -  The Comprehensive Plan is a document that contains goals and policies used to guide land use decisions for residential, commercial and industrial development. This document is primarily referred to when seeking Code changes or when considering long range economic development strategies.

Livestock and Beekeeping Regulations - The City of La Grande has adopted new urban livestock (e.g. chickens) and beekeeping regulations. A permit is required for eligible properties. Livestock are only allowed on properties with a single dwelling, which are 10,000 square feet and larger. Please visit this link for information specific to permit requirements and development standards.

Prior to October 5, 2018, livestock uses were prohibited in the City of La Grande. Uses that existed prior to this date are not grandfathered and are not a protected right, except in rare circumstance. Please contact the City of La Grande Planning Department for more information.

Marijuana Related Businesses - Banned - By Ordinance of the City of La Grande City Council, all marijuana related facilities are banned or prohibited from locating and operating within the City of La Grande. This includes the establishment and operation of new medical marijuana processing sites, medical marijuana dispensaries, recreational marijuana producers, recreational marijuana processors, recreational marijuana wholesalers and recreational marijuana retailers.