Rumors of Attempted Abductions

During the past week to 10 days, rumors have been circulating of an attempted abduction of a child or children within La Grande.  At this time, the La Grande Police Department has been unable to substantiate any factual basis of this claim.  It is accurate that the police were called twice over a period of several days in regard to suspicious activity involving a vehicle and youths riding bicycles, but there is no evidence that this was any sort of abduction attempt or any other criminal type activity.  Officers on both reports responded and conducted thorough searches in an attempt to locate a described vehicle without success.  An investigation has been completed by the Department.

As always, you are encouraged to call your local police agency anytime you see something that appears suspicious or out of the ordinary.

In addition, the Police Department has received a number of calls regarding flyers that have been posted around La Grande that indicate two children were taken by force.  This is a separate incident from the above, and in fact, two children were taken from the home of their biological father by their biological mother.  This is a civil custody issue between the biological parents.