City's Public Works Department Salvages Max Square Bricks

In conjunction with the Adams Avenue Streetscape Improvement project, the personalized bricks which were inlaid in Max Square have been removed. 

Over the years, the bricks had chipped, cracked, broken and deteriorated to the point of causing tripping and a potential for serious injury.  Prior to the commencement of the Streetscape Improvement project, and in anticipation of complete removal of the bricks, a plaque was placed in Max Square listing the names appearing on the bricks.  The removal of the bricks is not a direct result of the improvement project; however, the project did provide for a more cost effective opportunity to perform the required work to remove the bricks and replace the walk surface.

The City's Public Works Department was able to salvage and catalog 568 bricks.  A complete list of the bricks available for distribution is available for review here.

If you would like to obtain a specific brick or bricks, please contact the Public Works Department at 541-962-1325.  You are asked to allow a minimum 24-hour notice; however, leaving your name and phone number is preferable as this would allow Public Works staff to contact you once your brick has been retrieved.