Adams Avenue Streetscape Project to Begin soon

Adams Avenue Streetscape Project to Begin soon

Members of the Community have concerns over the removal of trees in the right-of-way along the east side of Fourth Street and the north side of Adams Avenue as a result of the Adams Avenue Streetscape project. 

Public Works Director Norm Paullus explains, "The trees were reviewed by the City Arborist and evaluated on several different levels: tree health, size, species appropriateness for their location, benefits and concerns to the property owner, any hazards that the tree is creating or may create in the future with new growth, and anything else that may place a negative impact on current or future conditions the trees may create."

Paullus also explained that there are currently 29 trees in the project area.  Of those, 8 trees are to be removed:  one at Mamacita's and one at Max Square will be removed, both as a result of being planted too closely to another tree which will eventually lead to problems and weakening of the trees; one on the east side of Guyer and Associates will be removed and replaced on the west side; two at Kneads Bakery to be removed and replaced with trees in the same proximity; and four in front of the Foley Towers which will be replaced in a better location and that will be more accommodating to the property.  All property owners were contacted and were in complete agreement with the proposed work.

This project area, which currently has 29 trees, will contain 35 trees when this portion of the project is completed.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Public Works Department at 541-962-1325.