Department Overview

The La Grande Police Department provides the highest level of professional and comprehensive law enforcement services and emergency dispatch services to the La Grande community, with the primary goal of protecting life and property. We are the primary law enforcement provider to Eastern Oregon University which has a daily service population of approximately 2,200 people.  We provide 24/7 patrol coverage and comprehensive investigation services.

Our Police Department is comprised of two divisions, Patrol and Communications.   The patrol division consists of four teams of officers, who work twelve hour shifts, with a minimum of two officers on at all times.  Each team is supervised by a Patrol Sergeant who is responsible for all operational functions of their teams.  The criminal detective unit consists of one full time detective and one detective sergeant that handle all major crimes and are part of the Major Crime Team that includes all Law Enforcement Agencies in Union County. The parking unit has one Enforcement Officer who is responsible for parking enforcement and City Ordinance enforcement. The Enforcement Officer is supervised by the day Patrol Sergeant.  All Patrol Sergeants and the Detective Sergeant report to the Lieutenant.

The Communications Division includes the emergency 911 center for all of Union County and dispatches both emergency and non-emergency calls for service for the La Grande Police Department, La Grande Fire Department and through cooperative agreements, dispatches non-emergency calls for service for the Union County Sheriff's  Office and Elgin Police Department.  Communications is responsible for the La Grande Police Department records and evidence management. The 9-1-1 Center is the 9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for all of Union County and provides emergency dispatch services for 22 Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS agencies throughout the County. The Communications Division has three shift supervisors and is managed by the Communications Manager.

The department participates in specialized  programs that consist of members of other Union County Law Enforcement agencies to include the Union County Drug Task Force Team, Major Crime Team and SWAT Team.  We work in conjunction with the Union County Sheriff's Office to provide a Reserve Academy.

The La Grande Police Department Reserve Program consists of citizen volunteers who receive law enforcement training and have sworn arrest authority. They assist regular officers in a variety of duties.  We truly appreciate the dedication and committment that our Reserves contribute to the department.