Urban Forestry

For current information on Community Forest events and to access online forms and permits please visit the Parks & Recreation website at www.lagrandeparks.org 

You can find more information about La Grande's Urban Forestry Program in the Community Forestry Manual.

Trees provide benefits that are fundamental to our city's livability. Clean air and water, cooler streets and homes, beauty, and wildlife habitat are essential elements to the health and comfort of any city.

 An urban forest consists of all the trees and vegetation that exist within a City. This includes the trees along the streets, the trees and shrubs and other plants of commercial and residential landscaping, and the parks and natural areas. This forest plays an important, yet often overlooked, role in establishing healthy places for people to live.  The urban forest contributes to the economic, social, and environmental well-being of our community. Becoming more aware of the values the urban forest provides our community is a first step toward protecting and enhancing the quality of life we all enjoy.



The mission of the Urban Forestry Division is to enhance the community forest by providing information and education to residents, businesses and civic organizations regarding the benefits of trees and the urban forest canopy.


Provide a sustainable urban forestry program, increase the density and diversity of the urban forest canopy and improve the overall health of the urban forest.Yes, La Grande is a designated Tree City USA community!