Child Passenger Safety

Over 80% of Child Seats are improperly used in the State of Oregon.  Here are some tips to make sure you are riding with your child properly secured!

Infant seats:  Rear facing AT LEAST until your child reaches 2 years of age.  Best practice for the safety of your child is to allow them to ride rear facing until their Child restraint no longer allows.  Child’s head must be at least one inch below the top of the child restraint’s shell.

Convertible seats:  Can be used both rear facing and forward facing.  Like infant seats, your child must be rear facing until AT LEAST 2 years of age.  Forward facing until the upper limits of the seat for height and weight are reached.  Or, until the top of your child’s ears are at the top of the seat.  Never place a rear facing child restraint in front of an active air bag.

Combination seats:  Can be used as both forward facing or belt positioning boosters.  Use as a forward facing harnessed seat until the upper height and weight limits for the harness are reached.  As a belt positioning booster, use until the upper height and weight limits are reached.  With both positions when the top of your child’s ears reach the top of the seat, it’s time to change seats.

Booster seats:  Both high back and no back boosters.  Use until the upper height and weight limits are reached.  High back boosters as with all forward facing seats, discontinue use if the top of the ears are above the top of the seat.  Low back boosters, make sure the top of the ears are not above the vehicle headrest.  Oregon law requires your child to be in a booster seat until they reach 4’9” OR 8 years of age.

Seatbelts:  With your child sitting with their back all the way against the vehicle seat back, their knees must bend comfortably over the edge of the seat.  The shoulder belt should be over the collar bone and the lap belt should be over their hips/thighs.  And they should be able to sit comfortably this way for the entire trip.

The City of La Grande Fire Department currently has one certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians to assist you.  Should you have questions about how to install a child restraint, or questions about which is the right seat for you, please call the department at 541-963-3123.

If you or your child are currently enrolled in the Oregon Health Plan, you may qualify for a reduced priced child restraint. Please contact us for more information.