La Grande Municipal Court

1000 Adams Ave.
P.O. Box 670
La Grande, OR 97850
(541) 962-1314

Judge Douglas Briney presides over all cases in the La Grande Municipal Court.  Typically there are two Court Dates per month.  Please contact the Court for dates and times.  Court Hearings are scheduled on an as needed basis.

The Court handles minor traffic violations, parking violations and ordinance violations issued by City of La Grande officers.

The court can be accessed Monday through Friday 8am-5pm at City Hall 1000 Adams Avenue in Downtown La Grande.  The Municipal Court phone number is 541-962-1314.


Defendants are required to appear by phone, email or US 1st Class Mail, on or before their scheduled court date. 

When making your appearance, your options are:

  •    Plead Guilty, assessed a reduced fine.
  •    Plead No Contest, assessed a reduced fine.
  •    Plead Not Guilty, a hearing would be set via a Trial by Affidavit. Paper work and instructions will be mailed or emailed to you with a specific due date.
  •    If you are 18 years old or younger, Traffic Safety School may be an option.  Contact the court for details.
  •   Or you can request to speak to the Judge, by phone, and an appointment will be scheduled.


If you choose Guilty or No Contest and are unable to pay the fine in full at the time of your appearance, a Payment Plan option is available.  Payment Plan arrangements will need to be made with the Municipal Court Clerk.


The Court Clerk can be  reached by the following options:

  • ·         US Mail: La Grande Municipal Court, PO Box 670, La Grande, OR  97850

City Parking Permits

**Due to COVID-19 restrictions, permits can be purchased over the phone by calling 541-962-1314.  Arrangements for permit pickup will be made after purchase is complete. **

Parking permits that allow parking for more than two hours in permitted on street areas and parking lots are available for purchase through the Municipal Court, in person, during normal business hours.  Please refer to these two maps, Downtown Map College Map, for areas where the permit is valid for.  Permits are good for the calendar year and expire on December 31 of the calendar year they are issued for.

When purchasing a permit, please bring the license plate number of the vehicle you wish to purchase the permit for.

Pricing for Permits is as follows and is based on the month you purchase the permit:

December 2020- January 2021   $40.00

February 2021- March 2021        $60.00

April 2021- June 2021                 $45.00

July 2021- September 2021        $30.00

October 2021- December 2021  $15.00

Residential Permits

Residential parking permits that allow for on street parking in designated areas near residences, which appear on an approved list, are available for free through the Municipal Court, in person, during normal business hours.  Proof of residency is required in order to be issued the permits.  If you are not sure if your residence qualifies for Residential Parking Permits, please call the Court.