Fiscal Year 2012 - 2013 PROPOSED Budget

Fiscal Year 2012 - 2013 PROPOSED Budget

This is the PROPOSED Budget Document for the City.  This is the document which the Budget Committee, made up of 7 citizens of La Grande and the 6* Councilors, reviews and recommends approval to the City Council with or without changes.  The Budget is not final until adopted by the City Council at the June 13, 2012, Budget Hearing.

If you have questions regarding the Proposed Budget, you may contact City Manager Robert Strope at 541-962-1309 or by email.

*(Councilor Position Number 4 is Vacant due to the resignation of Silas Kelty who relocated for employment purposes)

Urban Renewal District PROPOSED Budget
General Fund Budget Message, Charts and Graphs
General Fund

The General Fund consists of the the following:

City Council and City Manager; Finance and Municipal Court; Police Department; Fire and EMS Department; Parks, which includes Aquatics, Recreation, and Urban Forestry; Library, Planning, Economic Development and Building Maintenance

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Enterprise Funds

The Enterprise Funds are those which generate revenue and operate using that revenue.  these Funds are:

Building Division (permits and inspections) and the Public Works Funds which are Water, Motor Pool, Street and Road, SewerConstruction, Sewer (Wastewater Treatment), Labor, Storm Utility, Street Maintenance, Capital equipment and Improvements; also the Grants and Donations, State Revenue Sharing, General Reserve, and Debt Funds.

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Chart of Accounts

The Chart of Accounts gives the definition of the various line items in the Budget.

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