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This index lists selected ordinance, reference and informational documents generated by City departments (and can also be found on individual departmental and other pages). These documents are designed to be read online or can be downloaded and optionally printed for later offline use.

This index will be constantly growing as more ordinance and reference documents are added to our archives.

See the Online Services section for other documents, including "fill-and-print" forms, that you can use interactively online.

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Charter of the City of La Grande

January 23, 2018
City of La Grande Fair Housing Program
Sidewalk Protection
City Organizational Chart as of January, 2016
2014 Urban Renewal Annual Report
Ordinances and Legal

These documents represent provisions that carry the force of law.  Not all of La Grande's Ordinances and other governing legal documents are online; this listing represents only part of the growing collection that will be made available online as an ongoing effort.  NOTE: These copies are facsimiles for Web presentation purposes, and are not the official original documents.  Contact the City Recorder for more information about the nature and use of these and the official documents, and for information about other governing legal provisions not yet posted online.

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References and Key Information

The documents here are information references that can help you understand how your City government works, how you can benefit from your role as a citizen and how you can more effectively and fully participate in life in the City of La Grande.  Also see Online Services for "fill-and-print" forms and other interactive forms that will help you take advantage of City services.

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Maps and Diagrams

Zoning, off-street parking, geological hazards, riparian corridors (zones along rivers and streams) and more are covered by these maps, mostly prepared by our Planning Division.  Because most of these maps are presented in Adobe PDF format, don't forget to use the zoom in/out (+/-) controls of Adobe Reader to see a variety of views and details.

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