FACTOID:  Did you know that the City of La Grande provides an acre of public park space for around every 40 of its citizens?  How many other cities of any size can boast a remarkable ratio like that?!!  For example, New York City, with its expansive park system including the incredible Central Park, supports about 276 of its citizens per acre of public parkland.  Even Portland, renowned for its green spaces, has about 72 of its population per acre of public protected area.

La Grande's city parks are administered by its Parks and Recreation Department

Benton Park

Benton Park is located at the corner of Third Street and Benton Avenue and has a brand new play structure with a orange, green, and yellow theme honoring the past pumpkin play structure.

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Candy Cane Park

 Candy Cane Park, located on the corner of 12th Street and "J" Avenue, is approximately 1.77 acres in size

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Gangloff Park

Gangloff Park, located at the entrance to La Grande on Oregon Highway 30, is approximately 2.5 acres in size

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Garden Club Park

Garden Club Park, located on the corner of "Y" Avenue and Depot Street is approximately .5 acre in size. 

Amenities in the park include a small playground, picnic tables, benches and open grassy areas for spontaneous play.  There are no restroom facilities.

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March 17, 2021
Birnie Park

Birnie Park has a playground, picnic tables, a small rentable picnic shelter and restrooms.  There is also an Oregon Trail Display designed by local artists Don Gray and Tom Dimond.  The display consists of a series of eight oval, glazed ceramic columns with cast bronze caps.  The columns symbolize a pioneer family and aspects of a trip through the Grande Ronde Valley by covered wagon.

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Grande Ronde River Greenway

The City of La Grande, Island City and Union County have joined together to create a bicycle/pedestrian path along the Grande Ronde River from Riverside Park, just north of La Grande, to Island City.   

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Island Avenue Greenway

Island Avenue Greenway is located at the I-84 Interstate Freeway and Highway 82 Interchange, parallel to the Union Pacific Railroad tracks.   There is a sidewalk running the entire distance, providing pedestrians safe passage along this busy roadway.

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Max Square

Max Square is on the edge of the historic downtown district, just opposite from City Hall, and provides a venue for community celebrations, musical events, Farmers Market shopping and just plain comfortable and friendly hanging out.

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Morgan Lake Dam Repair Photos
June 24, 2020
Morgan Lake Park

Morgan Lake is located just a few miles outside of La Grande and provides the citizens of Union County an inexpensive, easily accessible area for a broad range of outdoor recreational activities, including fishing, camping and nature hikes.   Gates have been installed to prevent the entry of motorized vehicles during the winter months, but patrons can still walk in and enjoy the beautiful winter scenery. 

The Lake is stocked annually with 23,000 finger length and up to 2,000 legal size rainbow trout.   No motors are allowed on the Lake.

Currently, there is no fee for camping at the Lake, although there is a limitation of 3 nights per visitor to give everyone a chance to enjoy the facility.

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Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is the home to the majority of the organized athletic leagues in La Grande, houses the Veterans' Memorial Swim Pool, the SK8 Skateboard Park and the covered Rotary Pavilion.

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Reynolds Park

Reynolds Park, located on the south edge of the City's parking lot adjacent to the Reynolds Building on Washington Avenue between Fourth and Depot streets, it is only .01 acre in size.  Established as an Eagle Scout Project in 1986, it provides a charming place for the downtown visitor to take a relaxing break and enjoy the day.

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May 30, 2012
Riverside Park
Riverside Park Pavilion Fire
Riverside Park Pavilion Fire

February 12, 2011

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SK8 Park

Located in Pioneer Park, Pioneer SK8 Park is extremely diverse with something for everyone, whether you're a ramp or a street skater.  Included in the 15,000 square feet park are two spines, a half pipe, pyramid, banks, a vert extension, hips and plenty of transitions to bust.

For street skaters, there are four sizes of grinding ledges:  one over a double set of ten stairs, one over a quarter piipe, one along a fun box and a small one over a four stair.  There are also two slanted grinding ledges. 

Five square metal handrails differ in size and steepness:  a low, steeo fun box, a medium size rail down a four stair and a fairly large handrail down one of the ramps.  There are also three different sizes of flat rails and three grinding boxes.

Bicycles are also allowed to use the park.  

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